This map aims to show the addresses of the Titanic crew members who either lived or lodged in Southampton immediately prior to the voyage. Please click on the markers for more information. A list of those represented, along with their addresses, can be found under this text.

Blue marker = Saved

Red marker = Lost

According to the British Board of Trade report, a total of 1,514 people died when Titanic sank on 15 April 1912. The same report stated that there were a total of 908 crew members on board, of which 696 died. There are 724 crew members represented on this map, of which 542 died and 178 survived. There are also four men who failed to join the ship included on the map, please see the notes at the bottom of the page for information on this. This does mean that the vast majority of the crew members who perished had a Southampton address prior to the voyage, and they represent over a third of the total number of people who sadly lost their lives on that fateful night. 

It is true that not all of the men and women represented on this map were permanent residents of Southampton. You will find people staying in pubs, hotels, restaurants, and lodging houses. The White Star Line decided to move its main transatlantic service from Liverpool to Southampton in 1907 and this resulted in the construction of the White Star Dock at Southampton. It was a brand new dock and importantly it was large enough to accommodate the company’s three new Olympic-class liners: Olympic, Titanic, and Britannic. This is now called Ocean Dock and it can be seen on the map (Titanic sailed from Berth 44). Such was the need for regular employment, White Star Line’s move saw many families relocate permanently to Southampton from Liverpool and other cities and towns between 1907 and 1912. Being a major port town, the ships that called Southampton home drew heavily upon local men and women for the vast majority of their crew.

The effect the loss had on Southampton was horrendous. A few days after the disaster, on 18 April 1912, the Gloucester Citizen reported that the Daily Mail had interviewed a woman who lived on York Street in Northam. She reportedly said:

“No, my man was not on the Titanic, he is on the Olympic, thank God. Mrs. May, the woman standing at her door across the way there, she has lost her husband and eldest son. The husband was a cook for firemen. Arthur, the son, was only married a year ago, and his wife had a baby six weeks ago. Then there’s Mrs. Allen. She lives round the corner. She has lost her husband, and she was so fond of him. ‘There was no one like George’, she used to say. That young girl in black, the one on this side, is Mrs. Barnes. She has lost her brother. The woman going into the shop is Mrs. Josling [sic]. She has lost a son; and Mrs. Preston, of Prince Street [sic], a widow, has lost a son, too. There is a woman in Bevois Street who gave birth to twins a fortnight ago, and she died from shock when she heard of her husband’s death. There are fifteen families who have lost a father or a son in this street, but Mrs. May’s case is the worst.”

Regarding the story about the widow dying of shock, the wife of Frederick William Barrett of 26 Bevois Street did indeed give birth to twins a few weeks before the voyage, however it appears she went on to live for another fifty years. It is likely that in the days after the disaster, rumours and stories like this spread around the town like wildfire. 

The Daily Mail reporter crossed the road to speak to Ann May of 75 York Street who had lost her husband and her eldest son. In a ‘weary voice’, she said:

“Yes, it’s true, husband and son have gone and left eleven of us. It was the first time Arthur and his father had been at sea together, and if would not have happened if Arthur had not been out of work owing to the coal strike. He tried to get a job ashore but failed, and as he had his wife and baby to keep he signed on in the Titanic as a fireman. His father should not have been on the Titanic, but a bad leg stopped him from going in his own ship the Britannia. Now they are gone and there are eleven of us. The eldest boy, nineteen, makes a few shillings a week by odd jobs, and my youngest baby is six months old.”

These words demonstrate just how badly the people of Southampton were impacted by the disaster. Indeed, on the map you will see neighbours, brothers, fathers and sons, cousins, in-laws, nephews and uncles, even a nephew and an aunt. It is sometimes said that everybody in Southampton knew someone who lost a family member. Looking at this map, you can see why. 

The map took around a month to put together. Each name and address had to be checked, and then the location of each marker had to be manually plotted using longitude and latitude coordinates. In many cases, the houses are still there today. However, due to slum clearances, bomb damage, and redevelopment, a lot of the houses are long gone. Where the buildings no longer exist, the marker has generally been placed in the middle of the street roughly at the place where the building would have once been. In these instances, especially on hard hit streets like College Street, the markers have been spread out along the street so that they do not merge into one, which is what happens when they are too close. Sometimes the markers may be on the site of where the house once stood. In other cases, where the actual house cannot be discerned, the marker has simply been placed in the street. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy. 


Below is a list of every single person represented on the map. It is in alphabetical order, but you can search by pressing CTRL and F on your keyboard or, if you are using a mobile phone, by using ‘Find on Page’ or similar. Some of the addresses and names have been shortened in order for them to fit in the list, but more information can be found by clicking on the markers on the map. If you need help finding anyone on the map, please contact me on Facebook or Twitter – @HistoricalSoton. 

Ernest Owen Abbott 98 Northumberland Road
William Thomas Abrams 3 Charles Street
Robert John Adams 168 Pound Tree Road
Percy Snowden Ahier 136 Northumberland Road
Albert Edward Akerman 25 Rochester Street
Joseph Francis Akerman 25 Rochester Street
Battista Antonio Allaria 9 Orchard Place
Robert Spencer Allen Kenilworth Road
Frederick Blades AKA Frederick Allen 9 Short Street
Ernest Frederick Allen 9 Short Street
George Allen 32 Grove Street
Henry Allen French Street
Alfred Samuel Allsop 134 Malmesbury Road
Frank Richard Allsop 73 Obelisk Road
Walter Anderson 12 Queen’s Terrace
John Anderson 1 Cozen’s Court
Charles Edward Andrews 145 Millbrook Road
Ernest Edward Archer 59 Portchester Road
James Avery 122 Earls Road
Edwin George Ayling 22 Wilton Street
Charles Frederick Back 38 Weymouth Terrace
Allen Mardon Baggott 106 Park Road
Edward Bagley 11 Woodside Road
George Bailey 16 Brook (Poole) Road 
Henry Joseph Bailey 377 Portswood Road
Richard Baines 9 Union Place
Percy Ball 7 Windsor Terrace
John Bannon 9 St George’s Street
Reginald Lomond Barker Maybush House, Old Shirley
Charles Barlow 10 St Mary’s Road
George Barlow Cherminster, Foundry Lane
Charles Barnes AKA Robert Barnhouse 45 York Road
Frederick Barnes 25 Parsonage Road
John Barnes 20 Woodley Road
Arthur Barratt 164 Northumberland Road
Frederick William Barrett 26 Bevois Street
Frederick William Barrett 24 King Street
Arthur William Barringer 52 Padwell Road
Charles Henry John ‘Harry’ Barrow 17 Derby Road
Sidney John Barton 85 College Street
Harry Ross Baxter 5 Shirley Road
Thomas Ferguson Baxter 81 Atherley Road
Joseph Beattie Sailors’ Home, Oxford Street
George William Beauchamp Redbridge Road
William Barnett Bedford 163 Manor Road
William Beere Warren Avenue
Joseph Bell 34 Canute Road
Frank Bendell 26 Woodley Road
Fred John Benham 56 Bridge Road (Bernard Street)
George Bennett 3 Deal Street
Mabel Bennett 22 Cranbury Avenue
Edward Benville 4 Orchard Place
Edward Bessant 39 Shirley Park Road
William Bessant 36 Henry Road
Edwin Alfred Best 89 Malmesbury Road
Joseph Henry Bevis 171 Empress Road
Reginald Charles Biddlecombe 42 Kentish Road
Edward Charles Biggs 65 College Street
James Billows 28 Bell Street
Walter Binstead 49 Endle Street
Walter Alexander Bishop 248 Romsey Road
Alexander Black 6 Briton Street
D. Black Sailors’ Home, Oxford Street
Albert Blackman 58 College Street
Percival Albert Blake 2 Floating Bridge Road
Stanley Blake Holyrood House, Winkle Street
Thomas Blake 35 Peel Street
James Blaney Sailors’ Home, Oxford Street
Eustace Horatius Blann 99 Pound (Cannon) Street
Jean Baptiste Blumet 26 Richmond Street
Joseph Alexis Bochatay 28 Oakbank Road
Hendrik Bolhuis 37 Orchard Place
William John Bond 20 Hanley Road
William John Boston 1 Hanley Road
Walter Boothby 50 Ivy Road
William Bott 6 Nichols Road
Bernard John Boughton 10 Richmond Steet
John Boyd 52 Cranbury Avenue
John Henry Boyes 106 Clovelly Road
Patrick Joseph Bradley Green’s Court, East Street
Thomas Henry Bradley 25 Threefield Lane
John Albert Perkin Bradshaw 2 Portland Street
Henry ‘Harry’ Brewer 27 Palmerston Road
George Henry Brewster 5 Carlton Place
Arthur Briant AKA Frank Arthur Morris 18 Short Street
Albert Briant AKA Michael Stafford 4 Southbrook Square
Walter Brice 11 Lower Canal Walk
Harold Sydney Bride 25-27 Queen’s Terrace
Arthur John Bright 105 Firgrove Road
Robert Charles Bristow 49 Westridge Road
John Cress Brookman 34 Richmond Street
J. Brooks 128 Lyon Street
Athol Frederick Broome White Lodge, Castle Road
Edward George Brown 43 Suffolk Avenue
John Brown 2 Russell Street
Walter James Brown 31 Hillside Avenue
Wessel Adrianus van der Brugge Sailors’ Home, Oxford Street
H. E. Buckley 7 Brunswick Square
Edward John Buley 10 Cliff (Wharncliffe) Road
Walter Edward Bull 27 Chandos Street
Henry Ashburnham Bulley Britannia Road
Wilfred James Bunnell 47 Kingsfield Road
Charles Burgess 65 Bridge Road (Bernard Street)
William Burke 57 Bridge Road (Bernard Street)
Ewart Sydenham Burr 48 Above Bar Street
Arthur Victor Edwards Burrage 9 Emsworth Road
Arthur Peckham Burroughs 73 Adelaide Road
Edward John Burton 24 Chapel Street
Robert Henry Butt 6 Cawte Road
William John Butt 6 Cawte Road
John Butterworth 270 Priory Road
Hugh Calderwood Sailors’ Home, Oxford Street
John Canner 17 Shamrock Road
Richard Stephen Carr Winchester Road
James Carter AKA W. Ball 5 Brinton’s Road
James Edward Cartwright 11 Western Terrace
Thomas Casey Sailors’ Home, Oxford Street
Charles Casswill 42 Oxford Avenue
Edward Castleman 37 North Road
William Ewart Caunt 23 Sydney Road
Herbert Cave 17 Shirley Park Road
George Henry Cavell 140 South East Road
Charles Thomas Cecil 194 Millbrook Road
Joseph Charles Chapman 31 Bellevue Road
John James Charman 10 Latimer Street
William Victor Cherrett 13 Nelson Road
George Alexander Chisnall 53 High Street (Bishop’s Road)
Archibald George Chitty 69 Bevois Valley Road
George Henry Chitty 69 Bevois Valley Road
John Henry Chorley 2 Regent Street
Herbert Harry Christmas 4 Brinton’s Road
William Clark 30 Paget Street
Frederick Clench 10 Chantry Road
George Clench 10 Chantry Road
Harry Coe 10 Cross Court
Albert Edward Coleman Oak Tree Road
John Coleman 7 Mortimer Road
Joseph Colgan West Street
John ‘Samuel’ Collins Sailors’ Home, Oxford Street
Gilbert William Cook 23 Bridge Road (Bernard Street)
George Combes 45 Coleman Street
Charles Augustus Coombs 78 Dukes Road
Harry Cooper 9 George Street
James Cooper 27 Pound (Cannon) Street
Albert Harry Copperthwaite 39 Mount Street
Ernest Theodore Corben 50 Floating Bridge Road
Dennis ‘Denny’ Corcoran Sailors’ Home, Oxford Street
Alfred Cotton Shore Cottage, Hythe
Joseph Henry Couch 42 Canton Street
Robert Couper 101 Dukes Road
Auguste Louis Coutin 37 Orchard Place
William Denton Cox 110 Shirley Road
Francis Ernest George Coy 134 Portswood Road
Henry Crabb 101 Firgrove Road
Frederick Horace Crafter 143 Albert Road
Alfred George Crawford 22 Cranbury Avenue
Henry Philip Creese 2 Enfield Grove
James Crimmins 7 King Street
Albert Hector Crisp 37 Macnaghten Road
William Cross 97 Ludlow Road
Paolo Luigi Crovella 5 Orchard Place
George Frederick Crow 89 Milton Road
Charles George Chandler Crumplin 20 Shakespeare Avenue
Andrew Orr Cunningham 60 Charlton Road
Bernard Cunningham 6 Briton Street
Arthur Curtis 55 Kingsley Road
William George Dashwood Sailors’ Home, Oxford Street
Gordon Raleigh Davies Hillside Avenue
John Davis 19 Eastfield Road
Robert John Davies 12 The Polygon
Thomas Davies 2 Church Lane
Joseph Dawson 17 Briton Street
George Fox Hopkins Dean King Edward Avenue
Alfred Arnold Deeble 81 Atherley Road
Arthur Henry Derrett Hillside Avenue
Percival Stainer Deslandes 45 Portswood Road
John Joseph Diaper 102 Derby Road
William Dickson 10 Oriental Terrace
Christopher Arthur Shulver AKA John Dilley 44 Threefield Lane
Thomas Patrick Dillon Sailors’ Home, Oxford Street
James Richard Dinenage 4 Cawte Road
Edward Charles Dodd 25-27 Queen’s Terrace
George Charles Dodd 59 Morris Road
Henry Watson ‘Renny’ Dodds 12 Queen’s Terrace
Frederick Doel 20 Richmond Street
Joseph Dolby 12 Devonshire Road
Florence Thomas ‘Frank’ Donoghue 60 Ludlow Road
Albert James Dore 9 Mount Street
Louis Auguste Dornier 3 Orchard Place
Walter Thomas Doughty 65 Bridge Road (Bernard Street)
Laurence Doyle 10 Orchard Place
William Luke Duffy 11 Garton Road
William Dunford 16 Bridge Road (Bernard Street)
Henry Ryland Dyer 53 Middle Street
William Henry Dyer 46 Stafford Road
Frank Dymond 3 Farmer’s Court
Alfred James Eagle 13 Lyon Street
George Bulkeley Ede 47 Manor Farm Road
Frederick William Edge 28 Clovelly Road
Charles Essex Edwards 7 Brunswick Square
Everett Edward Elliott Sailors’ Home, Oxford Street
John Bertie Ellis 30 Dukes Road
Henry Samuel Etches 23 Gordon Avenue
Alfred Frank Evans 20 Deal Street
Frank Oliver Evans 14 Bond Street
George Richard Evans 36 Richmond Road
William Evans 94 Manor Road
William Edward Farquharson 94 Wilton Avenue
William Stephen Faulkner 16 Romsey Road
Thomas Joseph Fay 31 Standford Street
Alfred James Fellows 51 Bridge Street (Bernard Street)
George William Feltham 64 St Denys Road
Antonio Ferrary 38 St Mary’s Place
William Ferris 5 Hanover Place
Henry Herman ‘Harry’ Finch 32 French Street
Cecil William Fitzpatrick 93 Millbrook Road
Edward Flaherty 21 Standford Street
Fred Fleet 9 Norman Road
John Foley 2 Queen’s Road
Wilfred Cyril Foley 15 Andersons Road
Ernest Ford 100 Brinton’s Road
Francis Ford 66-67 Oxford Street
H. Ford Royal Oak, 5 Evans Street
Thomas Ford 36 Russell Street
James Forward Sailors’ Home, Oxford Street
Albert Charles Foster 38 North Front
William Thomas Fox Springfield Road
Alan Vincent Franklin Newton Road
J. Fraser Sailors’ Home, Oxford Street
James Fraser 54 Tennyson Road
Walter Francis Fredericks 6 Elm Road
Ernest Edward Samuel Freeman 5 Hanley Road
Albert Ernest Fryer Charlotte Street
Gaspare Antonino Pietro ‘Luigi’ Gatti 40 Harborough Road
Richard Charles Geddes 80 Grove Road
Alfred Emest Geer 2 Standford Street
Vincenzo Pio Gilardino 15 Bellevue Road
John Robert Giles 104 Lyon Street
Joseph Stanley Gill 17 Suffolk Avenue
Patrick Gill 24 Waverley Road
George Auguste Godley 17 Mount Street
Frederick Charles Godwin Ringwood Road
Kate Gold Winchester Road
Martin William Golder 15 Lansdowne Hill
Percival Salisbury Gollop 27 Briton Street
John Gordon Sailors’ Home, Oxford Street
Frank Goree 5 Belvidere Terrace
Alfred James Goshawk 6 Coventry Road
Bertram James Gosling 11 Lower York Street
Frank Henry Gosling 17 French Street
Ernest Edward Gradidge 44 Radcliffe Road
George Green 57 Howards Grove
David Gregory 30 Floating Bridge Road
Mary Gregson 28 Lawn Road
George Gumery 24 Canute Road
Joseph Alfred Gunn 22 Bridge Road (Bernard Street)
Elgar John Guy 5 College Terrace, London Road
William Logan Gwynne 4 Commercial Road
John Haggan Sailors’ Home, Oxford Street
Albert Haines 52 Grove Street
Walter Stamford ‘Richard’ Halford 2 Latimer Street
Frank Alfred James Hall 70 Sydney Road
J. Hall 2 Westgate Street
George Hallett 101 Church Street
Ernest William Hamblyn 2 Norman Villas, Dyer Road
Ernest Hamilton 5 Shirley Road
Bernard Hands St Michael’s House
George Hannam 1 Oxford Terrace, Millbank Street
William ‘Bill’ Harder 46 Winton Street
Alfred John Harding Station Cottages, Wessex Lane
Reginald Hardwick 4 Heysham Road
John Hardy Oakleigh, Holyrood Avenue
Amos ‘Fred’ Harris 12 Wilton Road
Clifford Henry Harris 14 Short Street
Charles William Harris 14 Short Street
Edward John Harris 83 Belgrave Road
Aragoa Drummond Harrison 131 Oakley Road
Norman Harrison 30 Coventry Road
James Hart 51 College Street
John Edward Hart Aberdeen, Foundry Lane
Fred Hartnell 25 Harcourt Road
Herbert Gifford Harvey 49 Obelisk Road
James Heslin Sailors’ Home, Oxford Street
Hugh Hatch 446 Portswood Road
James Hawkesworth 18 Wilton Road
Walter William Hawkesworth Bellemoor, 15 Lemon Road
Arthur Hayter 10 Mayflower Road
Alfred Head 19 Russell Street
Albert Hebb 5 Bell’s Court
Samuel Ernest Hemming 51 Kingsley Road
Charles Osker Hendrickson 255 Northumberland Road
Edward Martin Hendy 21 Paynes Road
Herbert George Ernest Hensford 132 Malmesbury Road
Robert Hichens 43 James Street
Henry Parkinson Hill 66-67 Oxford Street
James Hill 10 Kingsland Square
James Colston ‘Jimmie’ Hill 64 Cromwell Road
George Henry Hinckley 2 Oxford Street
Stephen William Hinton 26 Cummberland Street
Sydney George Hiscock 38 Chantry Road
Leonard James Hoare 108 Lyon Street
Charles ‘Charley’ Hodge 16 Ivy Road (Laurel Close)
W. Hodges 6 Britannia (Tankerville) Road
Leonard Hodgkinson 67 Arthur Road
Albert John Hogan AKA G. King 46 Threefield Lane
George Alfred Hogg 2 Daisy Cottages, Riverview Road
Sidney Holloway 60 Hartington Road
Harry Holman Cathcart, Britannia Road
Roland Hopgood 81 Romsey Road
Fred Hopkins 14 Fanshawe Street
Albert Edward James Horswill 44 Derby Road
Richard Hosgood 19 Woodley Road
George Fox Hosking 28 Avenue (Radstock) Road
William ‘Jack’ House 44 Derby Road
Albert Arthur Howell 12 Cliff (Wharncliffe) Road
William Thomas Hughes Ivy Bank, Dyer Road
Frederick Humby 52 Clarendon Road
John Law ‘Jock’ Hume 140 St Mary’s Road
Humphrey Humphreys 10 Rockstone Lane
Sidney Humphreys 113 Dukes Road
Sylvanus Alfred ‘Albert’ ‘Ginger’ Hunt Foresters’ Arms, French Street
Tom Hunt 2 Queen Street
Charles John Hurst 5 Laundry Road
Walter Hurst 15 Chapel Road
James Hutchinson 2 Oxford Street
John Hall Hutchinson 40 Onslow (Swift) Road
Leo James Hyland 55 Orchard Place
Harry John Ide 114 Lyon Street
George Ingram 18 Lower York Street
Henry Ingrouille 15 Floating Bridge Road
William Ernest Ings 45 Stratton Road
Thomas Instance 12 Guillaume Terrace
John Jackopson 97 Dukes Road
Cecil Jackson 22 Graham Road
Joseph Jago 47 Millbank Street
Thomas James 27 College Street
William Frank Janaway 1 Sir George’s Road
William Alfred Jeffery 2 Church Lane
Thomas Henry ‘Harry’ Jenner 3 Bellevue Road
Charles Valdemar Jensen 17 Morris Road
Archibald ‘Archie’ Jewell 32 College Street
Nicolas Joas 55 Bond Street
James Johnstone Sailors’ Home, Oxford Street
Albert Jones Woodfield, Charlton Road
Arthur Ernest Jones 122 Ludlow Road
Harry Owen Glendower Jones 10 Regent Street
Reginald Jones 7 Portland Terrace
Georges Jules Jouannault 3 Orchard Place
Charles John Joughin Leighton (St Edmund’s) Road
Charles Edward Judd 98 Derby Road
Henry James Jukes Moorgreen Road
Herbert Jupe 74 Bullar Road
Franz Kasper 6 Brunswick Square
Charles Henry Kearl 17 Chantry Road
George Edward Kearl 37 Bay Road
James Keegan 2 West Place
Percy Edward Keen 14 Rigby Road
Thomas Kelland Commercial Street
James Kelly 12 Woodley Road
George Kemish 238 Shirley Road
Thomas Hulman Kemp  11 Cedar Road
Charles Kennel 6 Park View
August Kenzler 21 Blechynden Terrace
Thomas Russell ‘Tommy’ Kerr 7 Hartley Street
Henry Ketchley 14 Northcote Road
James Kieran 33 Bellemoor Road
Edgar Michael Kieran 7 Avenue (Radstock) Road
Frederick Charles Kinchenten 9 Latimer Street
Alfred King 9 Dyer Road
William Ford Kingscote 24 Elgin Road
Louis Kinsella 7 Canal Walk
Thomas Kirkaldy AKA T. Clark Hillside Avenue
James Kirkham 4 Chapel Street
Arthur Alfred Kitching 170 Derby Road
Herbert Klein 56 Oakley Road
George Knight 45 Ludlow Road
William Lake 6 Royal Crescent Road
Albert Edward Lane 201 Victoria Road
Arthur Lawrance 66-67 Oxford Street
Archibald ‘Archie’ Leader 14 Fanshawe Street
Herbert Henry Lee 94 Bevois Street
Reginald Robinson Lee 62 Threefield Lane
Paul Georges Lefebvre 25 Orchard Place
George Alfred Levett 7 Chilworth (Tremona) Road
Arthur Ernest Read Lewis 99 Radcliffe Road
Christopher William Light 24 Lower Back of the Walls
W. Light 25 Grove Street
Charles Herbert Lightoller 110 Station Road, Netley
William Charles Lindsay 3 Coleman Street
Alexander James Littlejohn 11 Western Terrace
Humphrey Lloyd 30 Oxford Street
William Lloyd 18 Orchard Place
Albert George Locke 309 Portswood Road
Frank Long 19 Sidford Street
William Long 5 Marine Terrace
John Lovell 21 Highlands (Defender) Road
William Arthur Lucas Corporation Flats, Simnel Street
William Watson Lucas 3 Cardigan Terrace
Charles Lydiatt 12 Brunswick Square
William Henry Lyons 27 Orchard Lane
John Charles Mabey 27 Grove Road
Charles Donald McKay 18 Milton Road
George William Mackie 31 Winchester Road
Thomas Edgar Major 30 Oxford Street
William James ‘Wally’ Major 4 Oriental Terrace
Roland Frederick Mantle 60 Brinton’s Road
John Starr March 13 East Park Terrace
George John Marett 32 Elm Street
James Marks 93 Livingstone Road
John William Marriott 7 Chilworth (Tremona) Road
Evelyn Marsden 7 West Marlands Terrace
Frederick Charles Marsh 5 Upper Back of the Walls
Leopold Adolphus Light Maskell 26 Albert Road
Frank Archibald Robert Mason 30a Waverley Road
J. Mason 3 Wickham Court, French Street
David Matherson 20 Richmond Street
Montague Vincent Mathias 2 Western Esplanade
Adolf Mattmann 3 Orchard Place
John Maxwell 27 Leighton (St Edmund’s) Road
Arthur William May (Snr) 75 York Street
Arthur William May (Jnr) 75 York Street
Isaac Hiram Maynard 31 Earls Road
William Peter Mayo 24 Cable Street
Alfred Maytum 12 Stafford Road
Thomas Jubilee Mayzes 8 Commercial Street
Thomas McAndrew Sailors’ Home, Oxford Street
Frederick James McCarthy 17 Charlton Road
William McCastlin 58 French Street
Hugh Walter McElroy Polygon Hotel
James ‘Jimmy’ McGann 18 St George’s Place
Edward Joseph McGarvey 54 College Street
Erroll Victor McGaw 6 Broadlands Road
George Francis ‘Paddy’ McGough 8 St George’s Street
James McGrady Platform Tavern, Town Quay
William McIntyre 20 Floating Bridge Road
Hypatia McLaren 9 Shirley Road
Arthur McMicken 43 Suffolk Avenue
Benjamin McMicken 43 Suffolk Avenue
John Richard McMullin 120 St Mary’s Road
William Alexander McRae 42 Threefield Lane
Arthur Mellor 6 Carlton Place
George Milford 3 Graham Street
Christopher Mills 94 Albert Road
William Mintram 15 Chapel Road
Abraham Mansoor Mishellany 30 Oxford Street
Lorenzo Horace ‘Lawrence’ Mitchell 45 Bevois Valley Road
Alfred Ernest Moore 142 St Mary’s Road
George Alfred Moore 51 Graham Road
J. Moore 64 Arthur Road
Richard Henry Moores 174 Northumberland Road
Arthur Morgan 18 Threefield Lane
Thomas Morgan Sailors’ Home, Oxford Street
Frank Herbert Morris 5 Shirley Road
William Morris 5 Marine Parade
William Moss 37 Charlton Road
Ludwig ‘Louis’ Müller 66-67 Oxford Street
Thomas Mullin 12 Onslow (Swift) Road
William McMaster Murdoch 94 (116) Belmont Road
William John Murdock Sailors’ Home, Oxford Street
Harold Bentley Neal 13 Cliff (Wharncliffe) Road
George Walter Nettleton 23 Empress Road
Charles Thomas Newman 9 Latimer Street
Sidney Nicholls 3 Brunswick Square
Albert William Stanley Nichols 37 Oakley Road
Arthur Nichols 43 Suffolk Avenue
Walter Henry Nichols 40 Kent Road
John Brown Niven AKA J. McGregor 7 Briton Street
John Thomas Noon Sailors’ Home, Oxford Street
James Norris 5 Spa Road
Bertram Arthur Noss 8 St Peter’s Road
Henry Noss 12 Back Lane
William Nutbean 5 Horseman’s Buildings
John O’Connor 9 Tower Place
Charles Olive 43 College Street
Ernest Roskelly Olive 37 Hanley Road
Henry ‘Harry’ Oliver 15 Nichols Road
Alfred Olliver 38 Andersons Road
Dr William Francis Norman O’Loughlin Polygon Hotel
Walter Hayward Orpet 1 Vaudrey Street
James Orr 45 Coleman Street
William Edward Osborne 7 Hewitts Road
Frank Osman 43 High Street (Bishop’s Road)
Charles Alfred Othen 6 Northumberland Road
Lewis Owen 29 Earls Road
Reginald Ivan Pacey 179 Millbrook Road
Jean Baptiste Stanislas Pachera 3 Orchard Place
Richard Charles John Paice 30 Houndwell Gardens
Charles Painter 172 Mortimer Road
Frank Painter 27 Mortimer Road
James Arthur Paintin 20 Shakespeare Avenue
Edward Parsons 26 Roberts Road
Frank Alfred Parsons 38 Bugle Street
Richard Parsons 3 Polygon (Henstead) Road
Charles Henry Pascoe 68 High Street
Alfred Ernest Pearce 27 Richmond Street
John Pearce 14 Drummond Road
Albert Victor Pearcey 23 Kent Road
Alessandro Pedrini Orchard Place
George Pelham Sailors’ Home, Oxford Street
homas Frederick Cohen Pennal 77 Imperial Avenue
Alfred Penney 21 Chantry Road
William Farr Penny 29 Lodge Road
John Poole Penrose 13 South View (Hawkswood) Road
Laurence Alexander Perkins 24 Emsworth Road
Walter John Perkis Victoria (Chatsworth) Road
William Charles Perren 24 Bellemoor Road
Charles Eastman 17 Cecil Avenue
Hubert Prouse Perriton 11 St Andrew’s Road
Edgar Lionel Perry 3 Ryde Terrace
Henry Frederick Perry 3 Ryde Terrace
William Chapman Peters 114 Ludlow Road
Edwin Henry Petty 25 Orchard Place
Richard Paul Jozef Pfropper 8 Washington Terrace
Harold Charles William Phillimore 73 Priory Road
George Phillips 5 Grove Street
Walter John Phillips 8 Jessie Terrace
William James Pitfield 13 Albert (Keswick) Road
Wilfred George Platt 107 Belgrave Road
John Podesta 31 Chantry Road
Emilio Poggi Orchard Place
John Thomas Poingdestre 4 Elm Road
George Pond Sailors’ Home, Oxford Street
Percy Robert Pook 23 Chantry Road
Frank Port Rockbourne, Foundry Lane
Thomas Porteus 20 Upper Bugle Street
George Pragnell 3 Brewhouse Court
Frank Winnold Prentice 71 Denzil Avenue
Thomas Charles Alfred Preston 42 Millbank Street
Arthur Priest 27 Lower Canal Walk
Harold John Prior 48 Padwell Road
Charles Proctor 29 South View Road
Richard Royston Proudfoot 2 Peartree Green
Charles William Pryce Newlands Avenue
Alfred Pugh 72 Orchard Lane
Percy Pugh 22 Peel Street
William Robert Holland Pusey 18 Briton Street
John Edward ‘Jack’ Puzey 61 Manor Road
Frank Henry Randall 182 Empress Road
Thomas Ranger 81 Middle Road
William Henry Rattenbury 27 Romsey Road
Joseph Read 3 Nelson Place
Thomas Charles Prowse Reed 140 Derby Road
Frederick Simms Reeves 22 Cable Street
Frederick Vernon Hilton Reeves 33 Ordnance Road
Robert Thomas Reid 3 Wickham Court, French Street
Philip Rentowl AKA S. Sullivan 27 Marsh Lane
William James Francis Revell 102 Malmesbury Road
Charles John Rice 12 Oriental Terrace
Percy Rice 40 Thackeray Road
Joseph James Richards 25 Summers Street
George Albert Dolman ‘Will’ Rickman 40 Derby Road
Cyril Gordon Ricks 1 Hanley Road
Walter George Ridout 6 Queen Anne’s Buildings
Gilbert Rimmer 50 Cranbury Avenue
George Edward Roberton 36 Mount Street
Robert George Roberts 5 Wheeler’s Court
Elizabeth Franklin AKA Annie Robinson 128 Shirley Road
James William Robinson Vine Cottage, Carlisle Road
Edward James William Rogers 120 Oxford Avenue
Horace Leopold Ross 70 Inkerman Road
Arthur John Rous 18 Radcliffe Road
Edgar Maurice Rowe 56 Bridge Road (Bernard Street)
Henry Rudd 20 Chapel Street
Samuel James Rule 81 Atherley Road
Boysie Richard Russell Anchor Hotel, Test Lane
Sydney Frank Rutter 8 North Front
Thomas Ryan 81 Albert Road
Owen Wilmore Samuel 125 Osborne Road
Charles Edward Sangster 83 Bevois Street
William Ernest Saunders 29 Albert Road
F. Saunders 12 Sussex Terrace
William Henry Saunders Edward Street
Walter Ernest Saunders 1 Southbrook Square
Charles James Savage 8 Harold Road
Sidney Conrad Siebert 8 Harold Road
Robert James Sawyer 25 Bevois Street
Joseph George Scarrott 36 Albert Road
Archibald Scott 3 Lower Canal Walk
Frederick William Scott 107 Clifford Street
John Scott 6 Canal Walk
Robert Scovell 141 Foundry Lane
Samuel Francis ‘Sidney’ Sedunary 34 Emsworth Road
Alfred Henry Self 75 Romsey Road
Albert Charles Edward Self 3 Kingsley Road
Wilfred Deable Seward 5 Shirley Road
John Joseph Shea 77 Portsmouth Road
Thomas Shea 18 Briton Street
Frederick Sheath 12 Bell Street
Alfred Charles Shiers 5 Peel Street
Charles Frederick Shillabeer 21 Nelson Road
Jonathan Shepherd 16 Bellevue Terrace
Andrew George James Simmons 80 Bevois Valley Road
Frederick Charles Simmons 263 Millbrook Road
William Simmons 2 Thackeray Road
William Skeates 29 King Street
Edward Skinner 30 Oxford Street
Alfred Slade 21 Chantry Road
Bertram Slade 21 Chantry Road
Thomas Slade 21 Chantry Road
Harry John Slight 48 Bellevue Street
William Henry James Slight Hillside Avenue
Peter Sloan 77a Clovelly Road
William McMillan Small 14 Russell Street
John Smillie 16 Malmesbury Road
Charles Smith 35 Grove Street
Charles Edwin Smith Portsmouth Road
Captain Edward Smith 34 Winn Road
Ernest George Smith 1 St Mary’s Buildings
James Muil Smith Cawdor, Millais Road
James William Smith 5 Sir George’s Road
John Richard Jago Smith 45 Atherley Road
Kate Elizabeth Smith Balmoral, Cobbett Road
Reginald George Smith 46 Stafford Road
William Smith 12 Bridge Road (Bernard Street)
Harry James Smither 1 Ash Tree Road
George Snellgrove 9 Cecil Avenue
William Henry Snook Sailors’ Home, Oxford Street
Eustace Philip Snow 21 Lower Canal Walk
Henry William Sparkman Spring Road
John Henry ‘Jack’ Stagg 66 Commercial Road
Augustus George Stanbrook 36 York Street
Sydney Frederick Stebbings 25 Richville Road
Robert Edward Steel 2 Nelson Street
John Stewart 7 Earls Road
Henry Dorey Stocker Middle Road
Edmund Stone 105 St Andrew’s Road
Edward Thomas Stone 91 Shirley Road
Thomas Albert Street 10 Lion Street
Edward Alfred Orlando ‘Ted’ Stroud 120 Malmesbury Road
Harry John Stroud 167 Shirley Road
John Herbert Strugnell 38 The Polygon
Harry Robert Stubbings 144 Onslow Road
James Henry Stubbs 11 Spa Road
William Swan 174 Shirley Road
John Crane Symonds 1 Church Street
George Frederick Charles Talbot Lemon Road
Frederick Tamlyn 20 Southampton Street
Charles William Frederick Taylor 85 High Street
Bernard Cuthbert Taylor 5 Oxford Street
J. Taylor 94 Manor Road
George Taylor AKA James Taylor 35 Russell Street
John Henry Taylor 23 Queen Street
William Henry Taylor 2 Broad Street
William John Taylor 42 Morris Road
Bertram Terrell North Front
Frank Terrell 5 Grove Street
Thomas Moore Teuton 19 Middle Road
Alfred Theissinger 102 French Street
Albert Charles Thomas 11 Brunswick Place
Benjamin James Thomas 122 Avenue Road
Joseph Wakefield Thomas 20 Newman Street
Herbert Henry Thompson 29 Lumsden Avenue
William Gordon Thorley 18 John Street
Harry Thorn AKA H. Johnston 103 Albert Road
George Terrill Thresher 36 Mount Pleasant Road
Carlo Tietz Bridge Road (Bernard Street)
Arthur Leopold Tizard 23 Lower York Street
Fred Toms 29 Hillside Avenue
Thomas Topp 89 Milton Road
James Adamson Toshack 103 Malmesbury Road
James Tozer 6 Challis Court
Robert Triggs 3 Canal Walk
Richard Turley Sailors’ Home, Oxford Street
Leopold Olerenshaw Turner 19 Terminus Terrace
Arthur Veal 15 Imperial Avenue
Thomas Henry Edom Veal 20 Forster Road
Henry Vear 2 Spa Gardens
William Vear 2 Spa Gardens
Philip Francis Vigott 2 Windsor Terrace
Percy Wake 2 Gloucester Passage
Catherine Jane Wallis 23 St Mary’s Place
James Walpole 12 Stafford Road
Kate Walsh AKA Kate Roche 57 Church Road
Edward Bryon Ward 6 Blechynden Terrace
James William Ward 22 James Street
Percy Thomas Ward 36 Richville Road
William Ward 107 Millbrook Road
Frederick Albert Wardner 42 Endle Street
Robert Arthur Wareham 46 Park Road
Tom Warwick Bagber Road
Edward Lewis Wateridge Redbridge Road
William Watson 13 York Street
Thomas Herbert Weatherstone 5 Kenilworth Road
Brook Holding Webb 33 Hanley Road
Samuel Webb Sailors’ Home, Oxford Street
Francis Albert Webber 49 Avenue (Radstock) Road
Augustus Weikman Ivy Bank, Dyer Road
William Harold Welch North Haven, Bond Road
William Clifford ‘Willie’ Weller Holyrood House, Winkle Street
Joseph Thomas Wheat 14 Cobden Gardens
Edenser Edward Wheelton 4 Bellemoor Road
Albert White AKA R. Morrell 51 Malmesbury Road
Alfred Albert White 3 Southampton Place
Frank Leonard White 14 Northbrook Road
Edward Joseph White 41 Thackeray Road
Leonard Lisle Oliver White 248 Romsey Road
William George White 9 Coburg Street
Alfred Henry Whitford 33 Richmond Street
Isaac George ‘James’ Widgery 66-67 Oxford Street
Samuel Solomon Williams 5 Canal Walk
Walter John Williams 52 Northumberland Road
James Bertram Williamson 93 Clovelly Road
William Willis 59 Derby Road
William Aubrey Willsher 8 Britannia Road
Bertie Wilson 40 Richmond Road
William Edward Wilton 5 Queen Street
Alfred Edgar Windebank 8 Wyndham Place
Rowland Winser AKA George Evans 2 Nightingale Grove
William Francis ‘Frank’ Witts St Michael’s House
Henry Dennis ‘Harry’ Witt 28 College Street
James William Cheetham Witter 56 Portchester Road
Henrich ‘Henry’ Wittmann 12 Richville Road
Henry Wood St Michael’s House
Frederick Ernest Woodford 14 Clovelly Road
Oscar Scott Woody 13-14 Terminus Terrace
Fred Wormald 5 Testwood Road
William Worthman AKA William Jarvis 29 Canal Walk
Frederick Bernard Wrapson 33 Southampton Street
William Wright 9 Emsworth Road
James Wyeth 14 Millbank Street
William Wynn 81 Church Street
Harry Yearsley 6 Gloucester Passage
Francis James ‘Frank’ Young 28 Russell Street
Luigi Zarracchi 9 Orchard Place

Acknowledgements and sources:

Southampton City Council: Their crew list served as the basis for the information included on the map, their street directories were extremely useful, and the index of death notices and memorials also came in handy.

In checking the information on SCC’s crew list I used the excellent Encyclopedia Titanica where detailed information on every crew member featured on the map can be found. I also found’s ‘Titanic tales’ series helpful when looking at some of the addresses. 

There are currently only a few photos on the map, these are either public domain images or they have been very kindly provided by the family of the crew member. As such, these photos remain the property of the family. I may add more photos over time.

National Library of Scotland’s maps were invaluable for plotting the markers. The link should take you to a side by side viewer. On the ‘Select a map series’ drop down box select ‘OS 25 Inch, 1892-1914’ on one side and ‘OpenStreetMap’ on the other for best results when comparing to my map. I used to get the coordinates.

Books: Titanic Voices Memories from the Fateful Voyage by Donald Hyslop, Alastair Forsyth, and Sheila Jemima. Southampton’s Chapel Area by Dave Marden. Southampton’s Inns and Taverns by Tony Gallaher.

I also used’s census entries and newspaper archives.


Whilst they fall outside the modern city boundary, I still decided to include Netley Abbey, West End, Hythe, Totton, and Eling. It is worth remembering that Woolston did not become part of Southampton until eight years after the sinking. I decided not to include those who had addresses at Eastleigh, Chandler’s Ford, and Romsey.

There were seven men who were listed as ‘deserters’ and I decided to include four of them because of the famous story they’re associated with. They are the three Slade brothers and their mate Alfred Penney, who signed on to the ship but then went for some drinks at the Grapes pub. They left the pub too late and missed the voyage by a matter of minutes. There were also ten men listed as ‘failed to join’ who are not included on the map.